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About free discussion

This project has been created to overcome the censorship from mass media. Project has been built on mathematical model, where more relevant comments are displayed first, thus it makes it different and better forum than usual forums. Main advantages of this project:

  • With Browser plugin you can see any started discussion directly on the site of the third party article. For example, if the media forbids discussion under the article, you can still access the discussion through the browser plugin.
  • You do not have to worry about censorship. We do not censor any comments unless we must do it by the law.
  • Discussion on other level. Unlike other web forums, we bring forward new methods of communication. We would like you to argue with arguments. Better comments which will be rated higher, will show above the worse rated content. We bring two threads for each topic - my positive view, and my negative view. Each comment is a new topic, so you can support the idea or write a arguments against the idea.
  • Mobile responsive look&feel allows you to discuss through desktop as well as tablet or mobile.

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